Dos Casas Beachfront Condominium it is a modern tropical experience located in a beachfront property in the community of Playa Potrero, this is a 3 story duplex, open social areas on the first level that look through the pools, guest bedrooms on the 2nd level and master bedrooms on the 3rd level to appreciate the best views of the ocean.
Being a fairly narrow lot and in turn having almost half of the lot restricted as it is a public area, it is generated seeking the greatest efficiency in terms of routes and distribution, this under a concept of retracted volumes that allows managing the levels of privacy between bedrooms together with a set of planters and thus create a unique façade.
The play of volumes on the façade facing the street and its green terraces demarcate the accesses to each module and also allow for control of dust and noise from the outside. High traffic hospitality service requires simple solutions and at the same time creates uniqueness and maximum comfort. High-density development draws on the context that informs the design process to create a unique concept.

< TYPE OF PROJECT > Residential

< LOCATION > Playa Potrero, Sta. Cruz, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

< YEAR > 2019 - 2021

< STATUS > Built

< LSD PARTNERS > Arq. Rodolfo Tinocco / Arq. Luis Mauricio Solís

< LSD TEAM > Arq. Sheryl Arias Sandí

< Collaborators > Ing. Cristian Jimenez (Electromecánico) / Ing. Mario Esquivel (S3 Ingenieros Estructurales)

< Builder > Urban Construction - Aaron