Banyan House property was previusly owned by Costa Rican who had hired a renowned architect to design his beach house 30 years ago.
The original traditional house had tropical components and considerations that inspired the restoration and lead to a new architectural language of tropical modernity.
The concept was to create an ecological model of restoration that can help the community inderstand we can be respectful with nature, history and context.
We used biophilic concepts like several strategic green-planted walls and roofs that allow proper privacy to all the spaces and allow spaces to open the greenery creating a direct reslationship with the exterior natural enviroment.
The original house main structure was re-used completely as the new bones for the new project and the A frame main roof preserves its original proportions and gives the project a sense of character, resemblane of the tropical architectural.

< TYPE OF PROJECT > Residential

< LOCATION > Playa Tamarindo. Santa Cruz. Guanacaste

< YEAR > 2019-2021

< Status > Built

< LSD Architects > Rodolfo Tinoco and Luis Mauricio Solis

< LSD team > Ana Maria Murillo

< Colaborators > Ing. Ricardo Solano (strutural engineering) Ing. Cristian Jimenez (electromechanical engineering)

< Builder > ConstrucTom